Vitamin A and beauty

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Vitamin A and beauty

Post  roy0803 on Sun Jul 11, 2010 12:05 am

Vitamin A in the first quality must be transformed human Canon,
UGG Boots Outlet can play A role. For skin epidermis cuticle, can adjust the

metabolism, protection and skin, mucous membrane, make easy bacteria. Therefore, vitamin A, anti-aging, wrinkles, in the skin, fade

spots for prevention and smooth and delicate skin, is widely used in clinic.
Help keep body gland mucosa health.Eye disease prevention, cheap UGG boots improve

skin and hair health.To improve the stability of the cell wall, reduce air pollution caused by skin damage epicuticular.
In recent years, the cosmetics, the beauty industry widely used vitamin acid (hereinafter referred to as A acid), which is formed

by the conversion of vitamin A,cheap ugg and have similar derivatives.
If A vitamin overdose, have A headache, vomiting and bone. Pregnant women especially, special attention should be safe, lest

produce freak.


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