Hand-painted wall art

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Hand-painted wall art

Post  roy0803 on Thu Jul 15, 2010 9:05 pm

Hand-painted wall art that is (wall painting) is a recent trend of home decoration. UGG

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Professional wall paint is environmentally friendly painting materials, according to owner's decorating style,

color matching and host preferences in the draw vivid pictures of the wall, as if the landscape depicting the flow of fixed grid

on the wall. Wall painting not only has good decoration effect, unique picture also shows the owner's fashion taste.

cheap UGG boots A hand-painted works of each and every color is a character,

usually occurring before the drawing room of the overall style and color to choose size, design, color and shape. To avoid the

proliferation of wall painting, pattern repeat of the problem, hand-painted home division will be based on different patterns in

different styles designed to ensure that each of the unique wall paintings of the owners. Wall painting is not confined to a

location in the home, living room, bedroom, dining and even the bathroom can choose, in general, the current selection as a TV

backdrop of indoor, sofas and children's room wall decoration more. cheap ugg Wall

painting style with Chinese style, the Nordic simple, pastoral colors, cartoon animation and many other options.


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