Cigarette has been our friend

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Cigarette has been our friend

Post  roy0803 on Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:20 pm

When the cigarette into a hopes to it, people will become addicted to cigarettes as boring as eating the throughput of his life, love, like kissing mouthpiece generally enjoy the sweet. cheap UGG boots Yes, tobacco is a kind of interesting things, also is a kind of hazardous goods, people would be wasted, for it will be for its body disease, but also will be bound to it and temptation. Cigarettes are the dual finally moved out, director bait-and-switch it attracts you, but also in the bottom limit on separate you, so want to truly together, can make the decision HanHen smoking. As usual, PengHaoXiang at end of realistic broke the tong, perhaps love means to such an atmosphere, but real life does not need the cloak.
To say PengHaoXiang is absolute interesting person,
UGG Boots Outlet he just do something interesting, and eliminate all boring stuff. "The only in twos and threes with spring jiao", the transition, but few scenes of TCM plus his heart, is still a busting the delicate and goluptious delicate cate. But that the free, cynicism lurk pessimism flowers, black humor noise at the same time, also become no longer so coltish.
The writing about love, this movie is great, without any pity bitterly, shenglisibie, just one insipid lyrics, Outlines the kind of means is lonely. Every man's mouth are lit a cigarette smoke is love, is boundless, alienated from the era of loneliness probably need such an emotional or props, to regulate the beings of meeting. All of the lens, all the music expression is all very occasional of smoking, the actress behind unsuccessful Angle is impressively,cheap ugg it seems that the construction of buildings, tell us that reinforced concrete structure has been engulfed our communication space.


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