the views of Chinese people

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the views of Chinese people

Post  roy0803 on Sat Jul 24, 2010 8:04 pm

In Chinese ancient mythology, god is among the saints and the great man,cheap UGG Boots

like nuwa, huangdi, yao, shun, etc. Wang speaks out there is a sage, "people are many legends, for." Coufucius said, "I

would do" benevolence and benevolence, Zen "enlightenment", "an enlightenment to Buddha;" Taoist: "sit", During school "cosmic

tree, but have part is part of the universe work" is my heart, my heart is a universe ", "human is intentional, heart, heart

namely is also" Daniel.
Thus, the person to lead to the state can be achieved through an internal transcendence, can achieve zhuangzi's "heaven and

earth, all with me and with me for a" state.UGG Boots Outlet Namely, moral realm

in the fulfillment of the earthly can be achieved.
The concept seems at westerners is unthinkable. Westerners believe that god is holy, and absolutely no earthly world divine, both

is absolutely opposites. Man's greatest efforts can only be one, not to god, and it was blocked by individual character to

achieve union with god and with divinity and moral. Because this will be the biggest of god's creation, was the madness, is the

largest "sin".
In Chinese, irren ist menschlich. Conversely, a sage is also can not at fault, since the "human", if can be many legends, nature

also thinks sage death, not to mention what mistake confess consciousness and sense of shame.
This set of Chinese culture, the author makes the justice and sacredness discounted,

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employing create rules, the tube height and binding also appears insufficient.


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