Commercial vacancy is false

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Commercial vacancy is false

Post  roy0803 on Sun Jul 25, 2010 8:11 pm

Any goods, a consumer shall have the right to buy and use, UGG Boots Outlet can

choose the right to choose and buy is idle.
Recently on the vacant suites of 60 million, attracted public attention. Supporters think the 60 million sets of unoccupied

houses that the real estate market speculative is too thick, need further extrusion foam, Opponents think, data source, and no

authoritative suspicious, it is difficult to explain. The author thinks that vacancy is actually a false statement.
On one hand, the market economy is often economic surplus. Commodity in question, the vacancy of goods involving consumers how to

use. For example, a grandmotherly woman bought three average 30 million family car, due to various reasons, one never had a car.

Does this mean that no open car is empty? From the perspective of market economy, cheap

UGG Boots
its biggest advantage is to let people are free to choose. One option is commodity disposition. A consumer shall

have the right to buy and use, can choose the right to choose and buy is idle. Therefore, as we can't blame lady wasted a car,

also can't blame the suite is wasted. Empty, It is the core of this suite is empty, even, the vacancy cost also mainly by owner.
Someone will retorted, empty is due to store up goods, the results of speculators shouted, make public housing for the

corresponding cost. Problem is, under the condition of market economy, according to the success. In the 1980s, nelson hunter to

American market monopoly control of the market, with silver. Even though a billionaire billionaire, also with bankruptcy.
On the other hand, "empty" in different places may have different meanings. For example, in hainan commodity characteristics of

leisure vacation. Foreigner buy high proportion. cheap UGG This determines the

occupancy rate is low, some summer residential area only 20%, Winter area, can achieve occupancy 60-70%. Two seasons, but the

difference between half of improving the vacancy rate of housing, apparently not policy adjustment range.


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