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Post  roy0803 on Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:13 pm

India is very easy to be underestimated. UGG Boots Outlet It has many achievements

mainly in invisible system fields, such as financial reform and privatization and its main insufficient just and are in the

hardware base can see. If we analyze problems with only we can see a problem of the information to conclusions that is an

extremely error analysis method. This is in statistical omitted variable bias. However, our officials, Chinese and western

scholars in India again and again in the same mistake.
Compared with India,cheap UGG Boots I think China is the biggest advantage of our

education popularization, instead of infrastructure construction. China's local government in order to pursue the G D P growth

not to invest in education and public health and to build a building, education and health JianLu, will provide the costs to the

Chinese people, it is a very wrong decisions. India is now greatly strengthen it in the basic education investment, strive to

make up for it in the "freedom" democratic period (50-80 in the 20th century in the education foundation committed by ignoring

the huge mistake. To catch up with the China, because China is not easy in this aspect advantages too strong,

cheap UGG but it is made unremitting efforts.


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